Land Management & Valuation


The Department of Land Management and Valuation is one of the four departments in the Institute of Survey and Land Management. It offers a two year Diploma in Land Management and Valuation which aims at producing Land managers and assistant valuation surveyors.

These are equipped with knowledge on how to take measurements, carry out adjustments on those measurements, present valuation data and reports as well as preparation of valuation, costing and investment reports on land, landed property and real estate developments. In addition to solving and interpreting land  matters  with  relevant  land  laws,  providing  informed  solutions  to  land  conflicts  while offering professional advice to the population in utilization of the land resources.

In the public sector; as the country implements the strategies needed to propel it to “a modern and prosperous nation” through the vision 2040, Infrastructure (energy, transport, water, oil and gas, and ICT), Urbanization, Land Use and Management are some of the core sectors that have been identified as key if this vision is to be realized.

Uganda Vision 2040 identifies key core projects that need to be started including:

A Hi-tech ICT city and associated ICT infrastructure; Large irrigation schemes in different parts of the country; Phosphate industry in Tororo; Iron ore industry in Muko, Kabale; Five regional cities ( Gulu, Mbale,Kampala, Mbarara, and Arua) and five strategic cities ( Hoima, Nakasongola, Fortportal, Moroto, and Jinja); Four international airports; A standard gauge railway networkwith high speed trains; Oil Refinery and associated pipeline infrastructure; Multi-lane paved national road network linking major towns, cities and  other strategic locations; Globally competitive skills development centres; Nuclear power and hydro power plants (Ayago, Isimba, Karuma, and Murchison Bay); Science and Technology parks in each regional city; International and national referral hospitals in each regional cities.

All these projects will involve acquisition of land. This places valuation surveyors at the center of these development projects. This places the Institute as a key player in the development of the nation in supplying the necessary human resource to assist in the land acquisition process for securing land for establishment of these projects.

In the private sector especially in the construction industry and financial institutions in Uganda, valuers play a critical role in providing reasoned advice especially in real estate development and secured lending advisory. These industries have spillover effects into other parts of the economy either negative or positive depending on how they are handled.

There is imminent need for valuers as in the past  lack of valuation professionals has been at the bottom of several malpractices such as: unethical valuation, under‐declaration of values, overvaluation of landed property, poor procedures and remuneration in cases of compulsory acquisitions, conflicting land policies, poor preparation of valuation reports, inadequate planning and valuation analysis.

In light of the above it’s our mandate to produce professionally sound and ethical practitioners to combat the challenges above.

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