• Silence should be observed at all times in the reading area of the Library.
  • Mobile Phones should be switched off or put in silence while in the Library because no one is allowed to make or answer calls with in the library area, victims will be asked to hand over their phones to the person in charge and be confiscated for one week.
  • Bags, Caps and hats, Umbrellas, jackets should be left outside the reading area.
  • Consumption of food and drinks in the Library is prohibited.
  • Books consulted within the Library should be left on the tables after use and should not be re-helved by the users. Shelving and re-shelving of any library material is done by the library staff.
  • All Library Users exiting the Library in possession of books, papers, box files should show them to the Library staff for checking at the exit.
  • Borrowing is not exchangeable. So, a borrower remains answerable for a book as long as the borrowing record remains uncleared.
  • A fine of Ugx. 1,000 daily charge on every book retained beyond the agreed loan period. Receipts will be issued for payment in the Bursar’s office
  • Lost/damaged books and library equipment will be replaced at the cost of the offender.
  • Library users who wish to use reference books and periodicals (Newspapers) must sign for the material requested and it has to be used inside the library only.
  • Audio systems are not allowed in the library as they are likely to disrupt readers.
  • Stealing books is a crime anyone who engages him/herself in this bad act will be dealt with harshly.
  • Library users are allowed to borrow books (one copy) from the library provided that same book is not under reference books and must present valid identity card before the person on duty.
  • Any disorder or misbehavior or break of rule and regulations will render the user liable to suspension from the Library services for the period of three weeks or subject to any appropriate action not forgetting being asked to buy any type of book for the library.


The Library is named after the school (Institute of Survey & Land Management), the library re-opened in 2013 with a good number of old and irreparable reading materials that were kept for a long period of time when the school was closed, currently our stock is promising and new books have been procured so as to meet user’s demand.

Survey Library provides information resources specifically related to the major courses offered at the Institute (i.e. Land Surveying, Cartography, Physical Planning then Land Management and Valuation.) The Library houses the Librarian’s / Issue desk, Library store, library stock in shelves and reading space which can accommodate 50 people only.


The library operates within the following timings:

Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 4:45pm

Saturday – Sunday (Closed)

Public holidays (closed).

Nantale Jovian

Institute Librarian

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